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Picayune Memorial High School
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Picayune, MS 39466 

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Picayune Memorial High School


Kent Kirkland                     [email protected]                            Principal              

Kristi Mitchell                     [email protected]                            Assistant Principal

Toni Tucei                            [email protected]                              Assistant Principal

ChristWagner                    [email protected]                         School Resource Officer

Diane Burge                       [email protected]                              Administrative Secretary

Allison Meitzler                 [email protected]                            Receptionist

Angela Ware                      [email protected]                              Attendance/Discipline Secretary

Ellen Nail                              [email protected]                              9th & 10 grade Counselor

Wendy Bracey                   [email protected]                          11th & 12th grade Counselor

Heidi Arthur                       [email protected]                              Records/Registrar/ MSIS Clerk

Donna Martin                    [email protected]                      Nurse

Stacey Shaw                       [email protected]                         Librarian

Barbara Sheffield             [email protected]                     Library Aide

James Joubert                   [email protected]                                In-school Detention Facilitator

Shanna Kirkland               [email protected]                        Support Staff


English Department

Sarah Arthur                      [email protected]                               English I, English II, & World Literature

Tina Collier                          [email protected]                           English I & College English IV

Jennifer Hanberry           [email protected]                              English II, English IV, & World Literature

Allison Riser                        [email protected]                              English I & English IV & English Inclusion

Kaye Smith                         [email protected]                                  ACT English & English III

Jessica Waterman            [email protected]                               AP English, English II, & World Literature

Edison Williams                 [email protected]                                    English I, English II, & English III

Kimberly Williams            [email protected]                           English II & World Literature


Mathematics Department

Erin Clement                      [email protected]                           Foundations of Algebra & Algebra I        

Amanda Feeley                [email protected]                          Foundations of Algebra & Algebra I

Tangy Franklin                   [email protected]                          Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I , & Geometry

Amy Luther                        [email protected]                               ACT math, Geometry, & Algebra II

Maria Passmore               [email protected]                       Algebra II, Algebra III, & Calculus

Barbara Skinner                    [email protected]                                Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II

Terry Young                        [email protected]                                        Geometry & Algebra III


Science Department

Ashley Bates                      [email protected]                                 Foundations of Biology & Biology I

Brian Edwards                   [email protected]               Biology I & Drivers’ Education

John Farmer                       [email protected]                      Chemistry & Earth and Space Science

Carmen Herrington         [email protected]                   Biology I

Megean Millis                      [email protected]                                ACT Science & Reading, Biology I, & Foundations of Biology

Laura Seals                          [email protected]                               Marine and Aquatic Science & Zoology

Tommy Strahan                       [email protected]                           Earth and Space Science & Foundations of Biology


Social Studies Department

Hillary Dickens   [email protected]                   World History, US History, Wld Geography, & MS Studies

Michael Guidry   [email protected]                     Economics, US Government  (& AP) , World History, Wld Geography, & Business Law   

Mark Selzer                        [email protected]                              World History

Thomas Smith                   [email protected]                       World History, US History, MS Studies, & Wld Geography

Thomas Tucei                    [email protected]                                        US History, Psychology, & Sociology

Chris Wise           [email protected]                                                  Economics, US Government, Personal Finance, & Business Law

Electives Department

Patti Argueta                     [email protected]                            Spanish I & II

Donya Bond                       [email protected]                                            STEM

Doulgas Brown                  [email protected]                   NJROTC

Toby Bush                           [email protected]                               Physical Education

Lauren Cloutet                  [email protected]                              Art

John Cockrell                     [email protected]                   Band

Kelly Davis                           [email protected]                                STEM

Courtney Dickens            [email protected]                                    ACT prep & Credit Recovery

Adam Feeley                     [email protected]                              Health

Jessie Hicks                         [email protected]                             English as a Second Language

Linda May                           [email protected]                                   Family Dynamics & Nutritional Wellness

Rachel Rutherford           [email protected]                                             Music                   

Annette Sherrer               [email protected]                                 German I & II & Exceptional Education

Eric Vianney                       [email protected]                            French I & II & Physical Education

Raymond White               [email protected]                                      NJROTC


Exceptional Education Department

Macey Bates                      [email protected]                                Sever e and Profound teacher

Yolanda Garcia                  [email protected]                             Severe and Profound Assistant

Pamela Fields                    [email protected]                                 Science Inclusion Teacher

Ann Jones                           [email protected]                                  Math Inclusion Teacher

Bette LaVigne                    [email protected]                              English Inclusion Teacher

Evan Nichelson                 [email protected]                          Math Inclusion & PE & Health Teacher

Allison Riser                        [email protected]                               English I & English IV & English Inclusion

Annette Sherrer               [email protected]                                  German I & II & Exceptional Education LSC

Jessica Smith                      [email protected]                                      English, Science, Social Studies, & Career Teacher

Cody Stogner                     [email protected]                             Math & Vocational Skills Teacher

Kattia Wood                       [email protected]                                      Resource Room Facilitator


Career & Technical Education Center


Jill Smith                               [email protected]                                  Director & District Test Coordinator

Jacquelyn Relayson         [email protected]                                 Vocational Counselor

Robin Jenkins                    [email protected]                                 Special Populations

Molly Stone                        [email protected]                               Receptionist


Evan Byrd                            [email protected]                             Construction I & II

Jason Childs                        [email protected]                                  Drafting I & II

Meagan Esslinger             [email protected]                          Childhood I & II

Todd Giglio                         [email protected]                              Engineering I & II

Chris Griffith                      [email protected]                                 Sports Medicine I & II

Angela Hawthorne          [email protected]                        Accounting I & II

Leo Raverty                        [email protected]                                 Automotive Service I & II

Anna Turnage                    [email protected]                                       Marketing  I & II

Haley Wells                         [email protected]                                   Health Science I & II